your child and MORE…


Take a moment to see our bright rainbow colored space packed with equipment just for Kids!!! A Kids Gym is a cheerful, well-equipped air conditioned gym and Learning Academy complete with balance beams, uneven bars, parallel bars, gymnastics equipment, rings, large matted areas, a large trampoline, and a large array of creative equipment. Visualize our Learning Academy classrooms environments that have been created to instill the necessary foundations every ‘little learner’ and their needs.


Our gym and learning academy exists to further the happiness and health of our clients. To become friends and mentors for the students who come through our doors.



A Kids Gym Learning Academy’s Mission is to enhance the lives of children and their families by providing a place that is exciting, fun and safe, and a program of education, movement and gym in a non-competitive yet challenging environment.

• To develop healthy lifestyle and positive self-esteem in the youth of today. 
• To provide youth fitness and education in a challenging yet non-competitive environment. 
• To teach motor skills that are fundamental to physical activity through participation and fun. 
• To teach children and their families the value and the pleasure of physical activity. 
• To create a special place that is exciting, fun and safe, where children will want to achieve these goals. 
• To provide a place where children and their families can play and enjoy being physically active together.



Security -

Family– We believe that family is a core foundation to providing a safe place for children to feel at home. 

Education– A Kids Gym has created a child-centered environment where "little learners" are actively engaged in both mind and body development. 

Kindness - Choosing kindness is the ultimate expression of evolved behavior. We grow through being kind.

Respect- One for all, all for one. 

Safety - First, Last and Always!

Love– Love is a foundational component in life and we strive to show our "little learners" love is in everything. We plan to instill and develop loving relationships; a love for learning and a love for fitness in every "little learner". 

Flexibility – Providing a flexible learning environment for the "little learners", parents and families by offering many options for learning and growing.

Dependability – We own what we do and we value the follow through. 

Honesty -Be honest, be open and be pure; we are building an environment on trust. 

Harmony – We work together to achieve and continue the well being of the relationships between our "little learners" and our families. 

Self-Esteem – We encourage helping students develop a positive self-esteem, in turn promoting independence and self pride. We instill an education component in attempt to grow life long learners. 

Cleanliness– A clean facility reflects a clear path for all that we do. Although we strive to be clean, education can be messy! 

We Love Kids; All Kids, ALWAYS!!



A Kids Gym Academy's vision is to be a premiere childcare provider of educational and physical programs. Enhancing the lives of our children and families in our community by offering high quality fitness based programs of education and gymnastics. With that thought we will create sharp minds, build strong bodies, and secure lasting memories through a creative curriculum led by nurturing staff; all in a safe, fun, educational and fitness-based environment that raises each ‘little learners’ self-esteem.



We take the well being of your "little learner" very seriously and work hard to provide a learning environment that is as healthy as possible. We strive to keep our learning environments that come into close contact with our ‘little learners’ disinfected with antibacterial soap and water along with an antimicrobial cleaner. Gymnastics mats are disinfected twice daily. Toys are cleaned and disinfected weekly, water-play tables cleaned and disinfected often and carefully supervised when in use. Hand washing is the most effective practice in prevention of spreading germs. ‘Little learners’ continuously wash hands throughout the day.



You are always invited, always welcome and always appreciated. AKG maintains an open door policy regarding Parent Involvement. We ask that parents coordinate all volunteer activities with their child's teacher in advance. This allows the teacher to prepare the students for the visitor, and plan activities for the volunteer to participate in. Visitors are required to check-in at the front desk. Only parents/guardians or authorized contacts listed in the child's file are permitted to volunteer. Parents can improve the programs effectiveness through open communication. We use an app based communication tool as well as information boxes are in each room for parents to receive art and daily information for their "little learner". Also please keep teachers and administration informed of events that may affect your child's behavior or attendance.


Our teachers have super powers, shhhh don’t tell the children.