Music, movement and fun will guide the day’s activities, with opportunities  for sensory and cognitive development. Our infant-toddler program will ultimately support each child’s development and address each child's individual needs, interests, background, learning style, and rate of learning. young children need opportunities to do the following in order to build a strong foundation for future learning: 

· Look, listen, and respond to their environment.

· Enthusiastically explore their world.

· Actively participate in daily routines and novel experiences.

· Reach developmental milestones on their own accord.

· Acquire and develop social-emotional skills in a nurturing environment.

Our program takes into account the three stages of infancy (young infant, mobile infant, and toddler) and the transitions between those stages. As we grow we build trust and establish caring relationships. Positive, ongoing relationships help young children grow and develop and helps us as caregivers better understand and respond to each child's individual needs.