REcreational Gym Classes
Starting at age 6
Start Anytime
Weekly classeS


Beginner Gym

Jr Bronze, Bronze, Boys I/II & T&T I: A non-competitive, non-stressful gymnastics program where any child can learn the enjoyment of gymnastics. Coaches work individually with each child, allowing each to progress at his/her own pace. Building self-confidence, increasing self-esteem, and enhancing body awareness, flexibility, and strength are just a few of the benefits each child will gain from this program. All new students will begin in our Premier class where each student will learn basic terms and safety precautions and where their coach will complete an Individual Performance Assessment (IPA) to determine the best placement for the student. Beginner/Adv. Beginner classes are 55 min in length.

Tuition $65.00 Per month

INtermediate Gym

Silver, T&T I/II & Boys III: These classes are designed for the child who has previous gymnastics experience and can perform certain basic skills on his/her own. It is a non-competitive, yet physically challenging, program for the more advanced, dedicated gymnast. (by coach invite). Intermediate classes are 75 min in length.

Tuition $85.00 A Month

Advanced GYM

Gold, Sapphire, Diamond, T&T IV/V & Boys IV: For the child who has had intensive gymnastics instruction, these levels teach the most advanced skills including back handsprings, aerial skills, and more! Children in these levels learn routines and combinations on each event. While this program is non-competitive, it challenges the more experienced gymnast. Gymnasts will develop team work skills, enhance technique, gain confidence, and increase their individual gymnastics talent. (by coach invite). Advanced classes are 75 min in length.

Tuition $85.00 A Month

$36.00 Annual Family Registration Fee
$5.00 off monthly tuition if paid before 1st day of month
10% off second child and / or second class.
Join anytime monthly costs can be pro-rated.
2 week notice is required before dropping, if you fail to do so you will be required to pay for those 2 weeks.